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Essays/info on various topics
Subject Date/Description
Redundancies May, 2021 - Common phrases that are unnecessarily redundant and repetitive
Battery Technology September, 2019 - Invest in battery technology, not fossil fuels
Guns August, 2019 - Make the gun lobby our ally in preventing gun deaths


October, 2015 - Proposal for solving poverty in the United States

May, 2013 - YouTube video of my brother explaining health care (financing) reform

October, 2009 - open letter on health care (See Addendum as of 7/2/11)

July, 2009 - Op/ed piece on health care

June, 2008 - Fix for the health care crisis

Education April, 2011 - "My Turn" Education spending
Homeowner Associations March, 2009 - "My Turn" HOA fines

November, 2008 - "My Turn" HOAs protect property values

May, 2008 - "My Turn" HOAs and foreclosures

September, 2007 - "My Turn" HOAs (tiki hut issue)

Various pictures of how HOAs protect homeowners
Gasoline Proposal on gasoline taxes (updated 2/26/18)

How far to drive for cheaper gas

Easiest way to save on gas

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