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J Pointer Consulting, Inc.
Expert advice in Operations, Manufacturing,
and Management Systems


Our expertise is in all aspects of Operations, Manufacturing and Management Operating Systems. We will help you significantly improve delivery performance, quality, cycle times, inventory and work in process.

We design and deploy continuous improvement systems and effective management operating systems that support sustained performance improvements.

  • Are your customers asking for shorter delivery times? We can show you how to beat your competition.

  • Could your business benefit from improved cash flow and less inventory investment? We can help turn unproductive assets into cash.

  • Are you struggling to improve business processes and sustain those improvements?  We can help identify what to work on first and develop plans to improve them.

  • Would you like to see your improvements be implemented more quickly?  We can show you how to get rapid results from your efforts.

  • Have you completed improvement projects but found those improvements were not sustained? We can help you “hold the gains” and even build on them.

  • Do you need help planning for plant or operations consolidation, and want someone to project manage the change?  We can assist you with the entire project management life cycle.

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